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News. Oficial AAP: Triunfo Argentino en el Mundial FIP SYDNEY

On Saturday 21/10, the Argentine Polo Team led by Diego Braun debuted with a big win against his United States pair by 12 to 9 ½ in the inaugural match of the XI FIP World of 14 goals that is disputed in the Sidney Polo Club, located in the Australian capital.

The Argentine team gave a ½ goal lead because it was allowed to play with 15 goals, as the same players who had won the South American qualifying rounds in Punta del Este, Uruguay, took part in January this year.


Héctor Guerrero (5 handicap goals), Valentín Novillo Astrada (5), Tomás Panelo (3) and Lucio Fernández Ocampo (2), the Argentine team were made up of 4 of the players who defeated Brazil, Peru and Uruguay. ; who were joined by Ivan Maldonado (4), Ignacio Bello (2) and Federico Panzillo (2), who replaced Javier Cabrera Castilla and Juan Nagore, who had participated in the tie.


Argentina, the maximum winner of the tournament with 4 awards, is looking for his fifth world title in Sydney.


Teams and progression:

Argentina: Lucio Fernández Ocampo 2, Héctor Guerrero 5, Valentín Novillo Astrada 5 and Tomás Panelo 3. Total. fifteen.

United States: Matías González 2, Jesse Bray 5, Felipe Viana 5 and James Wright 2. Total: 14.


Argentina: (0-0 ½) 2-1 ½, 4-3 ½, 7-4 ½, 10-4 ½ and 12-9 ½.





The XI World Championship of 14 goals that organizes the International Federation of Polo (FIP) will be disputed between Saturday 21 and Sunday 29/10.

Argentina is part of Group A alongside the United States, Spain and local Australia; while in B are Chile (defending champion), England, India and New Zealand.


The complete fixture is as follows:


Saturday 21/10 - Group A

Argentina 12, United States 9 ½; and Australia Vs. Spain (P.2)


Sunday 22/10 - Group B

England vs. India (P.3) and Chile Vs. New Zealand (P.4).


Tuesday 24/10 - Group A

Argentina vs. Loser Match 2 and Match Winner 2 vs. U.S


Wednesday 25/10 - Group A

Winner Match 3 vs. Loser Match 4 and Match 4 Winner vs. Loser Match 3


Saturday 28/10 - Groups A and B

Argentina vs. Winner Match 2 and Loser Match 2 vs. U.S

Winner Match 3 vs. Winner Match 4 and Loser Match 4 vs. Loser Match 3


Sunday 29/10

Match for Third Place: Second Group A vs. Second Group B

Final of the Contest: First Group A vs. First Group B